November 01, 2019

Home office pay and pensions services is an advocate of Shred-it's services

The public sector’s data handling practices, from storage through to destruction, have come under intense scrutiny as an increasing number of data security breaches have been reported in the media. The Home Office Pay and Pensions Service (HOPPS) process the wages for 85,000 staff each month and administer pensions for a further 81,000. This sees them handle a great deal of confidential information every day of the year.

The previous contractor used by HOPPS only accepted confidential paper waste (not CDs, hard drives or other media) and took the complete, unshredded documents away to be destroyed at a different location. Shred-it now provides them with:

  • An on site document shredding service that handles electronic storage media too
  • Mobile document destruction services which come with a certificate of destruction for total peace of mind and legislative compliance
  • Accountability and the reassurance that all of their confidential waste is being destroyed responsibly

Start the download to read why the Home Office North approved Shred-it’s secure on site destruction service for their suppliers list.

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