Information Security is more than firewalls.

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Information Technology

Secure Shredding Services for IT Professionals

As an IT professional, you are often seen as the nerve-center of your organisation. From network architecture and management to application development and deployment, you have the responsibility of keeping intruders out and confidential information in.

While the bulk of your security responsibilities may deal with firewalls and security infrastructure, you have a unique opportunity to further your organisations’ information safety in off-site environments as well.

Take your organisation’s information security to the next level with our hard drive and media destruction services, paper shredding and recycling, and our helpful privacy policies and protocols – all designed to keep your organisation’s confidential information confidential.

With more than 500,000 customers, 19 countries, and 170 locations world-wide, Shred-it is the best-practice in information security and workplace privacy for organisations of any size.

Protecting confidential information is more than passwords.


of UK businesses said they don’t monitor how often employees remove confidential information from the office

Source: State of the Industry Report, UK, Shred-it. 2017

But as many as


of small business owners in the UK have no policy in place for off-site management and protection of confidential information.

Source: State of the Industry Report, UK, Shred-it. 2017

Introducing the Shred-it Protected Workplace.

Not everything your organisation collects, stores, or handles is digital. When financial forecasts or year-end results are printed, or when reports or agendas are circulated for a meeting, they are at risk of falling into the wrong hands if they are not handled and disposed of properly and securely.

And for that reason alone, every business is at risk of an information breach.

Up to 28% of information breaches are caused by employee error or negligence.2

Complement your current information security practices and create a comprehensive information security programme for your organisation that not only protects confidential information found on networks, hard drives, and other media, but the private information found in paper documents too.

Our products have been designed to protect your confidential information no matter where it exists.

Whether you need to dispose of retired hard drives and USB keys or printed documents and old storage files, our integrated solution is designed to keep private information secure and out of the wrong hands no matter what medium.

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Don’t make these common mistakes.

More than


of businesses erase or destroy obsolete equipment themselves. Only by hiring a specialist do you get state-of-the-art destruction technology and a Certificate of Destruction for your records.

Source: ​State of the Industry Report, Shred-it. 2016



of businesses only wipe or degauss discarded hard drives. 
Only 100% physical destruction guarantees the information is irretrievable.

Source: State of the Industry Report, Shred-it. 2016

Spot the risks. Protect your information.

You have a legal obligation to keep the private information of your customers, employees and business secure. Stay compliant with our Hard Drive and Media Destruction services. 

Don’t let obsolete storage hardware become a source for an information breach!

  • Old Computer Hard Drives
  • Retired Server Hard Drives
  • Smartphone Memory
  • Obsolete External Hard Drives
  • USB Keys and Flash Drives
  • Photocopier and Network Printer Hard Drives

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Services we typically recommend for IT Professionals.

  • Media Destruction

    service destroys information found on other storage devices like smart phones, USB keys, and flash drives, as well as old CD/DVD-ROM and tape storage
State of the Industry Report, Shred-it. 2016
2 Cost of a Data Breach, UK, Ponemon Institute, 2016

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