October 31, 2019

East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust has peace of mind on document security

Personal details wrongly ending up in the public domain will always attract negative headlines - but the UK public will always see the loss of people’s confidential health records as the very worst sort of data breach. East Lancashire Hospitals NHS Trust had always had a policy on secure document disposal but it was not until Shred-it carried out an audit of their processes that they realised a big change was needed. Read how the Trust started to:

  • Store confidential waste in lockable consoles rather than leaving it in transparent bags in public thoroughfares
  • Have their secure document shredding done on site in a secure environment rather than having confidential waste blowing around their car park

Using Shred-it's programme enabled the Trust to free up staff time, reduce fire risks from poorly stored paper and ensures they have a complete waste audit trail.

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