Information Security Statistics You Won't Believe

How secure is your E-Media disposal process?

  • 80% of office computers contain sensitive corporate information.
  • 71% of IT professionals are not confident in recovering data following a breach.
  • 300 hard drives purchased from eBay showed 34% had data identifying an individual or organisation: credit card numbers, names and contact information, medical records and emails.
  • £2.37 million average cost per data breach. £104 per data breach. 
  • Companies lost the equivalent of 24 million emails each over te last two years.
  • Once your e-media is destroyed it's 100% non recoverble
  • It may take a few minutes to restore data from a discarded hard drive.

MIT recovered 92.4% of the sensitive data from used hard drives.

Evidently, wiping a hard drive using a software program isn't enough to make sure your confidential data is permanently eliminated to ensure secure hard drive disposal. Find out the facts on how to securely dispose of outdated electronics.

  • Statistics on digital security processes
  • Examples of the impact of e-media theft
  • Hard costs of a digital security breach
  • Secure hard drive destruction options that are effective

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3. Ponemon Institute’s “2017 Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Overview”

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