April 19, 2023

Earth Day 2023: Help protect the environment, without compromising data security

How much of an impact can something as simple as recycling all your paper waste – including confidential files – have on the environment?

This Earth Day, all of us – as businesses and individuals – are being asked to “Invest In Our Planet” and play our parts in achieving a more sustainable planet.

At Shred-it, we believe this environmental ambition doesn’t need to come at the expense of information security. Our Secure Information Destruction Service, for example, supports the circular economy and our sustainability commitment by recycling 100% of securely shredded paper. This is used to provide a source for creating high-demand products, such as packaging and toilet paper.

Download our Earth Day 2023 infographic to see the secure journey your confidential files go on from trash to toilet paper – and its environmental impact.

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