Businesses and data: Protecting what matters

Businesses have a lot of trust placed in them. The data they hold on customers and clients is extremely valuable – and it’s something criminals would be all-too keen to get their hands on. For that reason, companies need to come to appreciate that the data they hold – on and offline – poses a risk and that risk needs to be managed effectively.
With that in mind, we’ve taken a deeper look at the data danger facing businesses. Our infographic explores:

  • The nature of the on and offline risks
  • The way in which some businesses leave themselves open to problems
  • High profile breaches and what we can learn from
  • The damage caused by a data breach
  • How to ensure your business is protected

Through greater understanding of all of the above, we can all do more to fight back against the threat of fraud.

Shred-It has more than 25 years’ experience protecting confidential information. We can:

  • Handle a regularly scheduled paper shredding services so you can guarantee time sensitive documents are destroyed.
  • Help you destroy old hard drives, USBs or other hardware that contains confidential information. Only physical destruction ensures all data is destroyed.
  • Offer speciality shredding of items such as ID cards and uniforms

Need help? Whether it’s destroying documents, medias, branded goods or uniforms, contact us.

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