How to choose the right shredding company

Surveys show that 37% of security breaches that happen in UK businesses are down to human error.  By outsourcing shredding services, businesses can prevent costly mistakes from happening.

What to consider when choosing a Shred Company?

When making your decision, use the following checklist when looking at a document shredding provider.

  • Has an excellent reputation and can provide references
  • Understands laws, especially as they pertain to your industry
  • Employs personnel that have undergone rigorous training and a background security check carried out in accordance with the BS7858 standard, which includes CRB criminal record check
  • Offers a data security risk assessment survey
  • Provides secure, locked consoles to store documents safely prior to destruction
  • Operates a secure chain of custody process, whether destroying your documents at a secure location or on site at your premises
  • Provides a Certificate of Destruction for each service, your auditable proof that your documents have been securely destroyed
  • Uses cross-cut shredders and can accomodate other media types such as CDs and disks
  • Recyles all shredded paperwork
  • Accredited to the ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and BS EN 15713 standards
  • Operates service centres that are local to you

By following this checklist when you research potential document destruction providers, you will be able to make an informed choice about whom to use and who may be a cut-rate provider that’s not really providing you a secure solution.

Why Choosing Shred-it Just Makes Sense

Industry-specific knowledge

Shred-it’s experts are knowledgeable about information security legislation and best practices to help protect your reputation. (See our online Resource Centre for a wealth of useful information)

Our secure shredding process

  • Shred-it installs locked consoles in your facility. All documents that need to be destroyed are deposited in them
  • Only a Shred-it security-screened expert removes your documents from the locked consoles
  • Your documents are destroyed at a secure location or on site at your premises, depending on your requirements
  • For each service, we provide you with an official Certificate of Destruction for your records, as proof your documents were securely destroyed

Multiple shred sizes

Our proprietary cross-cut shredders securely and completely destroy your documents. We offer different levels of shred size for you to choose from based on your security needs.

Time and money savings

Your employees will have more time to spend on other priorities, and documents are not left unprotected while waiting to be shredded. Your confidential information is never sorted prior to shredding.

A trusted leading expert

Since 1988, Shred-it has grown to be the market leader, operating in 170 markets in 18 countries, servicing 300,000+ customers worldwide.

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