Village Hotel Club bolsters data protection measures to ensure GDPR compliance

With the announcement of the GDPR, Village Hotel Club commisioned an extensive audit of information security procedures to ensure they were fully compliant.

Following safeguarding support and consultancy, the hotel group, with over 4,000 staff, operating across 30 properties UK-wide, chose Shred-it, the experts in secure data destruction, to protect and serve every one of their sites. Fortnightly collections from the unique tamper-proof consoles placed in every hotel ensure confidential and sensitive information is securely disposed of.

The hospitality industry currently accounts for 12% of all global data breaches, and 28% of these breaches are caused by employee error and negligence. Hotels in particular process a huge amount of guests' personal information and card transactions. While most is digital, making hotels a premium target for cybercriminals, a large number of documents are generated by staff, guests and business club customers.

With Shred-it's support, new systems are now in place for the secure disposal of all paper-based information. Read their story to discover:

  • The data security challenges of a fast moving, high volume B2C and B2B leisure business
  • How a cultural change makes secure disposal second nature to staff
  • The reassurance paper shredding and recycling gives the end customer

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