X-Ray Film Destruction & X-Ray Disposal

If you’re not using a secure, environmentally responsible X-ray destruction method, your business is at risk.

Protect your business with Shred-it X-ray Destruction.

What happens to your old, unwanted X-rays could make or break your organisation. You know it doesn’t make sense – from an environmental or security perspective – to throw them in the general waste, so the chances are they end up indefinitely stockpiled in storage.

But if the confidential data they contain gets into the wrong hands it can lead to regulatory fines, lost reputation and loss of business.

You have a legal obligation to keep the private information of your customers, employees and business secure. Stay compliant by using Shred-it X-ray Destruction for obsolete X-ray film:

  • analogue medical film
  • dry-view medical film
  • industrial film (e.g. from non-destructive testing of engineered parts)

Key compliance questions when using a third party supplier for X-ray film disposal:

  • Is your X-ray film processed by an ISO 9001/14001 accredited organisation?
  • Does your current supplier destroy and recycle 100% of your X-ray film in the UK rather than shipping overseas prior to destruction?
  • Does your supplier have a 100% secure chain of custody that provides end to end security and peace of mind?
  • Healthcare providers - is your current supplier registered with the Department of Health Information Governance Toolkit?

Shred-it X-ray Destruction is 100% Secure

Solutions to your X-ray film destruction requirements can be found in the market where your film is not processed in the UK but is instead shipped overseas for processing and sent to landfill.


  • Shred-it are global leaders in secure data destruction
  • 100% of the process is carried out using a secure chain of custody process in compliance with ISO9001, ISO14001 and BS EN 15713
  • All X-ray film is destroyed and recycled in the UK

More affordable than storing obsolete X-ray film and related documents past their expiry date.

Environmentally friendly 100% of the x-ray film we destroy is recycled in the UK in accordance with ISO 14001. No materials are incinerated, taken to landfill or shipped overseas.

Full national coverage, no sub-contractors. Our service is available across the whole of the UK and Ireland, ensuring you are meeting all data compliance guidelines regardless of location.

It’s easy! With just one call, a Shred-it information security professional can arrange your X-ray destruction service to suit your workplace needs.

Why Healthcare providers choose Shred-it

Department of Health policy dictates that all bodies that process NHS patient information for any purpose should provide assurance of sound data security practices via the Information Governance Toolkit.

Shred-it are experienced providers with a long history of cost-efficient, compliant data destruction and recycling services to the Healthcare sector.

Look us up on the NHS IG Toolkit website, organisation code 8HY56.

Why Shred-it X-ray Destruction?

  • 100% DESTROYED ​

          Only physically destroying your X-ray film ensures the confidential data is unrecoverable

  • 100% SECURE

          Our chain of custody process provides end to end security


​          All film, paper and cardboard destroyed is recycled

  • 100% ASSURED

          Certificates of Destruction are provided for every service for your audit trail

  • 100% PEACE OF MIND

          Trust the industry specialists to help prevent your confidential data getting in to the wrong hands!

Find out how Shred-it’s secure x-ray disposal solution can help your business:

  • Improves compliance and reduces x-ray storage costs
  • Reduces the security risks of stockpiling unwanted x-ray film
  • Improves environmental performance by recycling x-ray film rather than incinerating or sending to landfill
  • Ensures your unwanted x-ray film stays in the UK, from collection to secure x-ray destruction and recycling

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