X-Ray Film Destruction & X-Ray Disposal

Disposal of obsolete x-ray film can be a real headache for businesses and organisations, so there’s a widespread tendency to stockpile old x-rays in storage.  Not only can this be costly, it can also mean the confidential information contained on the film is kept longer than necessary, potentially breaching data protection regulations. Using a secure x-ray destruction and disposal service will ensure that your confidential information is disposed of in the safest manner.

Find out how Shred-it’s secure x-ray disposal solution:

  • Improves compliance and reduces x-ray storage costs
  • Reduces the security risks of stockpiling unwanted x-ray film
  • Improves environmental performance by recycling x-ray film rather than incinerating or sending to landfill
  • Ensures your unwanted x-ray film stays in the UK, from collection to secure x-ray destruction and recycling

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