June 15, 2021

Steps to Remain Secure & Compliant in a Hybrid World of Work

Steps to Remain Secure & Compliant in a Hybrid World of Work

Following months of remote work, the future for many organisations looks hybrid: a mix of office and home-based working. Recent research by Microsoft, spanning 30,000 employees around the world, found that 70% of workers want flexible working options to continue and 66% of decision-makers are considering redesigning physical spaces to better accommodate hybrid work 1.

But despite the benefits of this flexible model , free movement between the home and office can pose significant information security risks. In response, employers must strive to keep hybrid teams secure and protect them against both physical and online threats, to ensure confidential information remains confidential and out of the hands of data thieves. Part and parcel of this requires educating teams about the risks and introducing secure habits into the workplace, such as the steps below.

So, without further ado, read on to discover some of the steps employees can take to remain secure and compliant in a hybrid world of work. But for all your document destruction needs, Shred-it is just a click or phone call away, to protect your people, customers and business and give you peace of mind, so you can focus on the day-to-day running and success of your organisation

1. Home to Office

Before commuting to the office, are your devices and physical documents secure? Laptops, USBs, or the report you printed out for your meeting can easily be left on the train, or become a target for criminals if left in the car. Being mindful of everything in your possession can help to keep them out of the clutches of data thieves, who are always on the prowl for their next opportunity.

2. In the Office

For many people, being back in the office is a chance to catch up with colleagues and enjoy greater collaboration. For opportunists, it’s the chance to steal any sensitive information left lying about in plain sight. Don’t fall back into old habits and be sure to secure any documents and removable devices every time you leave your desk.

3. Follow a Clean Desk Policy

Regardless of whether you’re making the commute from office to home, or from the kitchen to the living room, getting back into the habit of following a clean desk policy can greatly help to ensure compliance and protection of confidential information. Securely dispose of post it notes, make sure removable media or notebooks are locked away and double-check your desk is clear at the end of every day.

4. Cybersecurity Education and Awareness

Since the start of COVID-19, bad actors have intensified their cyberattacks, which is only set to continue as employees switch between office and home environments. Being able to identify suspicious emails, use secure passwords and mitigate any risks can be a giant step to shoring up your defences against online threats.

5. Shred-it All Policy

Introduce a Shred-it all Policy to securely destroy all documents that are no longer needed, safe in the knowledge that all documents are securely shredded and recycled. This removes the need for employees to decide what is or isn’t confidential and decreases the risk of human error – over 40% of data breaches occur as a result of employee negligence 2.

6. Book a One-Time Shred Service

Once employees start returning to the office, there’s every chance they’ll bring old documents from home to destroy, as well as an increase in physical documents being printed out. To avoid an influx of documents piling up and the data breach risks that come with this, book a one-time shred service.

Get Ready for a Hybrid World of Work with Shred-it

By following the above advice, you’ll be well on your way to helping employees remain secure and compliant in a hybrid world of work. Get in touch today to see how our services can help support your business to stay protected, regardless of where your employees are working.
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2 – Tech Republic