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  • Shred-it Confirms Successful 2010 Financial Performance

    Posted: January 31, 2011

    Shred-it, the leading on site information destruction company has today announced UK revenues of £35m for 2010, up 18 per cent on the previous year. This is the 11th consecutive year that Shred-it has achieved double digit growth, with a 78 per cent increase in revenue since 2007.

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  • Keep it confidential!

    Posted: November 25, 2010

    The media has continued to openly criticise organisations judged to be responsible for data security breaches, underlining the need for secure document management to remain a high priority for public bodies and private firms alike.

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  • Shred-it urges businesses to become "increasingly alert" as International Fraud Awareness Week approaches

    Posted: November 02, 2010

    Despite growing threat of employee fraud, new research shows just 1 per cent of business owners and managers rate employee fraud as top security concern

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  • Confidential Information Management and Recycling

    Posted: October 19, 2010

    Never has the old adage that every solution creates a problem been truer than in the case of recycling. Organisations are now laying heavy emphasis upon the need to recycle waste material in order to improve their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to their local communities, which brings with it a unique set of business challenges.

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  • National Identity Fraud Prevention Week highlights the risk of corporate identity theft

    Posted: October 19, 2010

    The launch of National Identity Fraud Prevention Week today has highlighted that many businesses are still not putting in place policies for the secure management of their confidential data, leaving them vulnerable to corporate identity fraud. This is the warning issued by Shred-it, the UK’s largest on site document destruction company.

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  • Document Security in the Modern Office: Why Going Paperless isn’t the Final Solution.

    Posted: September 01, 2010

    The modern office is a world where financial pain is seen as something likely to be inflicted by the failure to control soft costs such as travel expenses, office supplies and client entertainment and hospitality.

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  • National Work from Home Day: Advice for Businesses

    Posted: September 01, 2010

    As employees around the UK prepare for National Work from Home Day on Friday 24th September, leading information destruction company Shred-it warns that many businesses could be leaving themselves open to unnecessary risks if internal security measures fail to extend to staff working outside the office.

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  • Shred-it warns of potential data breaches caused by multi-function photocopiers

    Posted: July 26, 2010

    Shred-it explains that the multi-purpose photocopiers that are now commonplace in many organisations often contain hard drives that retain images of information scanned, printed and photocopied during the photocopier’s lifecycle.

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