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  • Environment Day

    Posted: June 05, 2009

    June 5 is World Environment Day – a time to remind businesses that they can reduce their organisations' negative environmental impact at the same time as protecting their reputation and bottom line, says a shredding company.

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  • Shred-it Steps in to Aid University’s Information Security

    Posted: June 05, 2009

    The University of Glasgow has underscored its commitment to both information security and environmental responsibility with the award of a long-term contract to Shred-it, the world leader in on-site document destruction and recycling.

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  • NHS Lanarkshire Has Outsourced Responsibility for its Document Security to Shred-it Glasgow

    Posted: April 20, 2009

    The East Kilbride-based company will undertake on-site destruction of documents for the Scottish hospital trust. Shred-it has a fleet of vehicles fitted out with shredders which visit the sites that it services. After documents are shredded a certificate of destruction is issued and the paper confetti turned into a variety of paper products.

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  • Step up Security in the Recession' Say Shred Easy and Shred-it

    Posted: April 18, 2009

    A recent survey by the Association of Chief Police Officers revealed that £20 billion is lost every year through weaknesses exploited in information security. At the same time, companies House states that between 50 and 100 cases of corporate identity fraud occur every month.

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  • Shred-it Helps Professionals Keep Health Records Secure

    Posted: April 17, 2009

    Shred-it Glasgow, the world-leading onsite document security and recycling expert, has been called on by Lanarkshire NHS to ensure the integrity of confidential patient records and other sensitive material.

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  • Waste Company is Sacked by Hospital

    Posted: April 17, 2009

    THE Royal Bolton Hospital has sacked the company which lost confidential details belonging to 1,300 patients earlier this year.

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  • Neglecting Security May Cost £10,000 to £20,000

    Posted: April 12, 2009

    Updating anti-virus and anti-spyware software, using encrypted technology and protecting confidential information such as customers' bank details are all vital as fraudsters are increasingly taking advantage of economic confusion and anxiety to target businesses and consumers, experts say.

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  • Don’t Cut Costs When it comes to Security

    Posted: April 07, 2009

    UK businesses are being warned to pay attention to data protection as when the economy goes down, the number of security risks to a company traditionally goes up.

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