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  • Small business leaders urged to prioritise data security training as a first line of defence against workplace fraud

    • 47% of small businesses that have suffered a data breach say it was the result of deliberate theft or sabotage, yet the number of UK SMEs saying they have no information security training policies in place has risen 10% in two years.

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  • More than half of UK business owners unaware of incoming General Data Protection Regulation

    Eighty-four per cent of UK small business owners and 43% of senior executives of large companies are unaware of the forthcoming General Data Protection Regulation, according to Shred-it’s seventh annual Security Tracker research, conducted by Ipsos.

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  • Spring clean your workplace: five ways for businesses to protect against a data breach

    Spring has sprung – and it’s not just your home that could use a seasonal makeover, your business operations could also benefit from some serious decluttering.

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  • Employees called upon to encourage business leaders to take on fight against fraud this International Fraud Awareness Week

    UK workers have pivotal role in encouraging their bosses and colleagues to mitigate the risk of fraud caused by a data breach.

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  • Busting the Big Five Information Security Myths – do you know fact from fiction?

    It’s the time of year when businesses nationwide will be looking at budgets, contracts and plans for 2017. But if companies don’t know information security fact from fiction, their private data is at risk.

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  • Businesses warned to prepare employees for summer season or risk getting burnt by data protection woes

    London, 12 July 2016 – Businesses need to ensure their workforce fully understands how to protect confidential information while working from home and travelling over the summer holiday or they could face a data breach, Shred-it, the UK’s leading data destruction company, has warned.

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  • UK businesses at serious risk of data breaches as cyber security is prioritised over physical data protection

    UK companies are leaving themselves open to physical data theft as many divert their attention and resources to tackling other risks such as cyber crime, the UK’s largest information destruction company, Shred-it, has warned.

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  • UK Businesses Putting Customers at Risk Through the Inadequate Disposal of Electronic Devices Containing Confidential Information

    Businesses in the UK are putting the confidential information of their customers and employees at risk by not disposing of electronically-stored data securely, the UK’s largest information destruction company has warned today.

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