August 27, 2013

Shred-it Helps Professionals Keep Health Records Secure

This article was published in Blueprint Media

Shred-it Glasgow, the world-leading onsite document security and recycling expert, has been called on by Lanarkshire NHS to ensure the integrity of confidential patient records and other sensitive material.

The East-Kilbride based company has started to provide secure facilities at a significant number of private medical and dental health facilities within the region. The considerable upgrading of document destruction will allow private medical practices to comply with best practice guidelines and ensure total security for confidential records, documents and reports.
Shred-it Glasgow is currently rolling out a programme of further installations. Paper placed in the consoles is shredded on-site into a fine confetti by powerful cross-cut shredders in its custom-built fleet of vehicles.

Facilities are available to oversee the destruction of the documents and a certificate of destruction is issued at the site. The shredded documents are then turned into a variety of paper products. Every two full loads from a console is the equivalent of saving a medium-sized fir tree.

Shred-it Glasgow is the market leader in on-site destruction in the West of Scotland and is associated with Shred-it of Canada, which has 140 branches in five continents and whose commitment to recycling in its waste removal activities saves 10 million trees every year. Klaas Dykstra, general manager of Shred-it Glasgow, said: "Health professionals in Lanarkshire are very conscious of their commitment to the highest possible standards of patient confidentiality and are taking substantial steps to ensure across-the-board best practice. "We are glad to be able to enhance Lanarkshire’s commitment to regulatory compliance and information security as well as helping it to maintain its excellent environmental and recycling philosophy."