Digital Data Security & Data Breach Risks

Our latest Security Tracker survey reveals that SMEs may be leaving themselves dangerously exposed when it comes to managing and disposing of data stored on hard drives and other electronic devices.  Many are still surprisingly unaware of digital data security issues and the potential impact on their business.

Small & Medium Enterprises are putting themselves at great risk of a data breach by "not correctly disposing of electronically stored information"


  • 51% don't have a cybersecurity policy
  • 32% have never disposed of hardware containing confidential information that is no longer needed
  • 35% do so less than once a year
  • 1/4 of small business owners believe that their third-party supplier would be responsible if infomration passed to them was later found to be part of an information breach

Information Security Overall

  • Small business owners (64%) are less likely than C-Suite (75%) to provide a positive grade to the UK Government when it comes to their commitment to information security
  • With one in three (31%) small business owners saying their response needs improvement
  • 21% believe they have no documents that would hurt their organisation if stolen
  • But EVERYTHING from employee records to client invoices are potentially sensitive


  • Recent cybersecurity breaches at companies such as eBay show that the damage caused by electronically stored information can be significant
  • Over 23,000 records are compromised by the average data breach
  • The average data breach cost is about £2.17m including £0.9m in lost business
Check out this infographic to find out:
  • How SMEs are faring in the cyber security stakes
  • The misconceptions about digital data security that persist in SME businesses
  • Business views on the government’s commitment to information security
  • The costly consequences of a data breach
All of the statistics provided are from the Shred-it 2015 Information Security Tracker powered by Ipsos Reid 2014 and Cost of Data Breach Study: Global Analysis Independently conducted by Ponemum Institute LLC, May 2014

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