Shred-it helps with the Secure Transition to a Paperless Office

The paperless office is still far from reality for most companies, however for those taking their first steps to achieve this objective it can be easy to overlook the security risks posed by unwanted paper confidential documents.

As part of their move towards becoming a paperless law office, Maclay Murray & Spens, one of Scotland’s largest commercial law firms, undertook a project to scan thirty years’ worth of documents.  This resulted in sporadic large volumes of confidential documents needing to be securely disposed of, as well as keeping on top of day to day confidential paperwork to be destroyed.  Find out how, with Shred-it’s help, they are managing the ongoing transition process, including:

  • The data security challenges of becoming a paperless law office
  • How securing confidential documents is key to protecting business reputation
  • Where a flexible shredding services partner can help
  • Why a secure chain of custody is crucial for peace of mind

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