How Shred-it became the ‘Shredding Fairy’ for one frustrated DIY shredder

The first solution for many businesses and organisations for destroying confidential documents is to buy a shredder and do it themselves.  It is a seemingly quick and simple fix at an apparently low cost.  However as workloads and staff numbers grow, the amount of confidential waste being produced can quickly overwhelm the humble in-house office shredder – leading to wasted time, frustrated staff and increased risk of a data breach.  Verbatim in Newbury were one such company.  Read their story to find out:

  • How their office paper shredder became a serious problem – particularly at financial year end
  • The unforeseen knock-on effects of a shredding backlog
  • What led them to dub Shred-it their ‘shredding fairy’!

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