Healthcare and Data Protection

The NHS has borne the brunt of a number of hefty monetary penalties issued by the Information Commissioner’s Office for serious data breaches, since its powers were extended in 2010.

Following numerous high profile breaches, organisations in the healthcare sector have come under increasing scrutiny when it comes to information security, particularly due to the highly sensitive nature of the confidential data being processed.

With the spotlight on this sector and the Information Commissioner’s Office pushing for greater deterrents to prevent unlawful use of personal data  – including prison sentences – it is more important than ever for healthcare organisations to understand what they must do to  comply with data protection laws.

This summary covers key elements of data protection legislation as well as essential guidance for healthcare professionals and includes:

  • What the Data Protection Act covers and who must comply
  • Summary of relevant guidance from healthcare regulators
  • Penalties for those who do not comply
  • Practical steps to avoid serious and damaging data breaches

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