How Shred-it Can Provide Workplace Security with Data Destruction Certificates

The ICO can fine companies and organisations up to £500,000 for data breaches involving the loss of confidential personal information. But that figure can be the tip of the iceberg when factoring in all of the costs associated with clearing up after a serious data security ‘accident’. Shred-it can help businesses of all sizes ensure they're doing everything they can to combat a security breech by providing you with  a certificate of destruction. 

There’s a lot at stake when it comes to protecting privacy, so organisations need to make information security in the workplace a top priority – including the secure disposal of confidential waste. It is however important to remember that all confidential shredding services are not created equal. While some document destruction companies may claim to protect your confidential information, Shred-it is internationally acclaimed for our commitment to confidential information security. By providing you with a data destruction certificate, you can feel confident that your data and confidential information is protected from any threats.

In this fact-sheet, discover:

  • The Costs associated with a security breach
  • What makes the collection and destruction process secure
  • How shred size affects data protection in the workplace
  • How Shred-it helps provide you with a secure workplace

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