Coming Soon: The Shred-It UK Blog

Posted  June 11, 2014  by  Jenny Green

Another week, another data security breach hits the headlines in the UK. Whether it’s customer passwords exposed on an online auction site or council records gone astray, the loss of confidential information poses great risk to businesses here in the UK.

It’s time for information security to become part of every-day business conversation. Shred-it UK’s new weekly blog on all that matters in the world of data protection and information destruction aims to get to the heart of what matters about information security, offering tips for improving security in your office and highlighting key facts about the legislation that affects your business.

Coming up over the next weeks and months, we’ll be looking at everything from flexible working policies to environmental responsibility, as well as revealing commonplace technologies which may be putting your business at risk. We’d love you to get involved through our social media channels: tell us what matters to you when it comes to information security and protecting the reputation of your business.

Check back here next week for our first blog. Until then, why not think about who's protecting your company?

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