Stay secure in 2015 with the right mobile shredding and data destruction service

Posted  January 13, 2015  by  Jenny Green

January is a month for new beginnings, an opportunity to resolve to improve. This year, why not use that fresh start as a time to review your current information security solution and make changes if there are areas where your business or organisation could be doing better? One crucial way to do this is to ensure that you partner with a reputable data destruction firm.

When it comes to protecting the confidential information of your stakeholders (whether they are clients, patients or students for example) and employees, having a robust system in place to deal with the disposal of this material is incredibly important. Every company or organisation is different therefore it’s important to properly audit your current situation and your requirements, before looking at the various ways you can strengthen your security. 

A reliable and trustworthy mobile shredding and data destruction service provider will be able to help you carry out this audit and work with your business to develop a bespoke, cost-effective solution for your sensitive information.  This ensures that you can safely dispose of unwanted data securely and both avoid the costly fines (the ICO can issue penalties of up to £500,000) and reputational damage caused by an information security breach.

Having a regularly scheduled service offers day-to-day protection for your organisation, regardless of whether you’re a small family business in Derbyshire or a health trust in Bristol. It’s also convenient. In-house shredding using a conventional strip-cut shredder, for example, is incredibly time and resource consuming. Even worse, this type of shredding can leave important information visible after shredding, which puts your company at a greater risk of a security breach. A reputable mobile data destruction service, such as that offered by Shred-it, uses cross-cut shredding technology so that information cannot be reproduced or recreated. Unlike strip shreds, cross-cut confetti-sized pieces cannot be reconstructed, ensuring total destruction of your confidential documents.

Human error is also an issue with in-house shredding as your employees are being asked to make judgement calls as to what is or isn’t confidential. According to our Information Security Tracker research in 2014, a fifth of SME business owners believe they hold no information that that would cause their business harm if stolen. This is worrying as everything from employee records to client invoices are considered confidential and could be used to commit fraud or other activities detrimental to your business. Definitely not how you want to start the year!

Having a dedicated service provider gives you peace of mind as documents are never sorted before shredding and there is a secure chain of custody from collection to the time they are destroyed. Whether your business decides to have on site or off site shredding and data destruction, you will receive a Certificate of Destruction as proof of your compliance with data protection best practices.

Saving time and resources, avoiding costly fines and protecting your hard-earned reputation, that’s what a data destruction firm could help you achieve in 2015. That’s a resolution worth making.

Shred-it has even more tips for choosing an information destruction provider in our free online Resource Centre. Want to keep up to date with news in the information security industry? Follow @Shredit_UK on Twitter.

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