Services during 2012 Games

Posted: July 19, 2012

During the 2012 Games, customers in parts of London may be preparing to make changes to their daily routine. We wanted to let you know about the steps we've taken at Shred-it to ensure that your service continues.
Using information provided by Transport for London (TfL), Shred-it have carried out a comprehensive review of the effect of the routes changes, road events and parking restrictions on our service schedules during the event period. We have used a variety of solutions including route revisions, increased manpower and extended operational hours to mitigate the effect of this event on our service to our customers.
Throughout the events our operational teams will instigate a regular communication plan to ensure we continue to provide the highest possible level of service to all our customers. We continue to monitor closely information as it is released by TfL and where appropriate update our plans.
Service Schedule Changes
These changes will be implemented on 16/07/12 and run until 17/09/12.
1) Daily, weekly & two weekly customers- Service schedule to remain unchanged (Subject to change)
2) Four weekly plus customers- Service schedule will change; customer will be serviced up to a week before or after normal schedule therefore committing to only a 1 week difference in schedule
If for any reason changes are necessary due to circumstances beyond our control, a member of our customer care team will contact you by telephone to ensure that any proposed changes meet your requirements.
How you can help?
It would be greatly appreciated if you could notify us of any changes that you will be making to your working practices during this period that may impact our service to you. These include:
  • Parking or loading bay changes/restrictions
  • Changes or an extension to your opening hours
You can contact us either by email at or on 0207 515 4151.
To help us keep to your current schedule please remember to pre-book any extra material that requires shredding so that we can ensure its secure destruction.
Olympic Road Network
Transport for London (TfL) have created a detailed, day-by-day plan of the roads that will be affected by the Olympics and Paralympic Games. Please visit their site for detailed information and to understand the effects on your business and impacts on your employees, deliveries, customers, and visitors.
The travel network will generally be exceptionally busy and there will be key areas which you will need to avoid. Every day during the events will be different with road restrictions and closures so ensure you check road changes to avoid long delays. The Olympic torch arrives in London on 16 July and the Olympic Park will close on 14 September.

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