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  • All businesses and organisations generate confidential waste every day. It is vital to have a secure information management process in place to protect all your important data – whether that’s hard copy paper files or electronic documents.

  • Now more than ever it is vital that businesses and organisations know what to do with paper documents from the minute they are created to the moment they are no longer needed and data protection legislation means it is also the law.

  • 80% of corporate computers contain sensitive information - be sure the information on your hard drives is safe from thieves. Our hard drive destruction service completely destroys the hard drive, making it impossible to recover information.

We’re here to help

Shred-it is a global leader in information management and secure document destruction. Our online resources put confidential shredding expertise at your fingertips.

What should I shred?

Understanding what to keep and what to shred is important. But if in doubt, for total security, employ a shred all policy.

Security Savvy.

Learn the role your staff can play in protecting confidential information. Create an internal culture of security.

It won’t happen to me:

The consequences of a data security breach can be devastating for businesses and organisations of any size. Find out why you should care about information security.

Stay Informed with Shred-it

Keep up-to-date and receive regular communication on information security and secure destruction related issues.